Podcast Media List Building Tips for PR Pros

February 10, 2018

Podcasts are a new frontier for PR professionals and could put your client right in the earbuds of their targeted audience. How does a PR pro begin making a media list? It takes considerable research to pick the right podcast to place your client. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pursue potential podcasts.


Is it current?

Check the date of the most recent episode. Podcasts come and go and you might accidentally add one to your list that has been off the airwaves for years.


Is it located near or far?

During your research, look to see where the podcast is geographically located. If it is on the other side of the country, check to make sure phone interviews are okay. If the podcast is recorded locally, that could be a convincing factor because the sound quality will be much better if you can get your client in studio.


Is it legit?

Podcasting is truly a media platform for the masses, which is great, but that means you end up with a slew of podcast producers ranging from well-established radio stations to 10-year-old kids. When looking for podcasts for your media list, make sure they are legit. That means check for sound quality, host credentials, a decent number of subscribers and a good rating.


Social Media?

Podcasts are largely shared through social media which is why it’s important that a podcast you pitch has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence. This way when the episode airs, the podcast will post on their social media pages and your client can share on theirs.


Is it available on non-Apple platforms?

Yes, the term podcast technically started with Apple but there are other platforms for PC and Android listeners. Be sure the podcast you choose is not just for Apple products or you will be alienating potential listeners. Other platforms include Stitcher and SoundCloud.



A podcast is not a viable media option without an email to contact. Sometimes the contact information is hidden in the podcast description and sometimes you need to visit the podcast’s website or social media. If you still can’t find an email, you might have to do some digging on Twitter, as some podcast hosts include contact info in their bio. Ideally, you might find the direct email of the podcast host or producer but in most cases the email will be generic like info@podcast.com.

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