What Music Publicists Need to Know about Spotify Playlists

February 16, 2018

Spotify has disrupted the music industry, for better or for worse, and musicians and their publicists are learning how to navigate this new territory. Spotify is in fact a social network and its 100 million active users interact by sharing playlists. Just as there are social media influencers, there are also Spotify influencers with large followings. So how do publicists get their clients on one of these popular playlists?


Well, luckily for us PR professionals, the Spotify influencer sphere is earned media based because it is against the terms and conditions to sell real estate on a Spotify playlist. Why? Because all playlists on the platform, no matter who creates them, are owned by Spotify.


If you’re a publicist looking to place your client on a Spotify playlist, here are a few things you should know:


Ask Your Artist to get Spotify Verified

Verification is a little blue check mark that adds a level of legitimacy and most playlist curators are looking for that. It confirms that the account is owned by the actual artists and adds additional features. Verification is available for all artists and can be managed by several team members.


There are Spotify Curators and Independent Curators

Playlists are assembled by Spotify-employed teams all over the world and they are largely produced algorithmically through user generated data. These playlists are promoted in the “browse” section. While you can break into these playlists, it’s only after your music generates a lot of listens. Therefore the best way to start is through independent curators who will get users listening.


Dig for Contacts

Spotify doesn’t provide a landing page where users can share contact information. You’ll have to do your research and look for your ideal playlist curators on Google or social media. Check to see if they have a website or blog with an email.


Keep Your Pitch Ultra Short

I’m talking 3-5 sentences. This video by CD Baby recommends mentioning the most exciting detail about your musician and why their song is going to enhance the playlist.


The key to Spotify playlist success is producing and pitching quality music that people want to listen to. The platform is driven by data and it can tell when songs are played on repeat and when they are skipped. If you can get people listening and enjoying, your artist will democratically rise to the top.







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What Music Publicists Need to Know about Spotify Playlists

February 16, 2018

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