Veracity Marketing

 Veracity is a full-service PR agency based in Portland, Oregon. I worked alongside owners, Amy and Mike Rosenberg, for six months as a PR Assistant. During this time, I wrote press releases and blog posts, researched and scheduled social media content, assisted at live televised events, and pitched media.


I like to say that Amy and Mike taught me everything I know about media relations. They introduced me to Cision and taught me how to create targeted media lists among other essential professional skills. Amy and Mike produce the PR Talk Podcast.  

Windermere Community Service Day

Windermere is a real estate agency with 300 offices across the western U.S. Each year, Windermere celebrates a company-wide Community Service Day where agents take the day off to go out into the community and volunteer in the areas they serve.


Situation: At Veracity, we were tasked with securing media coverage for 60 offices across Oregon and Southwest Washington. 




1. Created a spreadsheet listing each Windermere office and the local media in the area. 


2. Crafted and sent an email to all 60 offices requesting information about their service project, a media contact, and a designated photographer to take photos during the event. 


3. Sent out personalized media advisories to outlets for each office and coordinated TV reporters to shoot day-of footage. 

4. Post CSD, I curated photos from the designated photographers and crafted personalized captions and sent them to the designated media outlets for each office.





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Blog Posts

Traditional Vs. Digital PR: A Recap of Amy Rosenberg's Presentation

December 08, 2017

For our last meeting of Fall term, Amy Rosenberg of Veracity Marketing in Portland was kind enough to drive down to Eugene to talk to our chapter about traditional versus digital PR. As we found out, there is no difference.

Why You Want To Intern at a Boutique PR Firm

November 03, 2016

Last year I was living in Portland, dead in the middle of a PR internship search. I applied to companies of all sizes – large corporations such as Edelman, midsize agencies such as Matter Communications, and small, boutique firms where I found the most success. When I shifted my attention to smaller firms, I noticed actual people were picking up my phone calls and responding to my emails.

I Found My Dream PR Internship and so Can You

September 19, 2016

One day during the last month of my internship at Veracity, I found myself alone in our quaint, sunny office in Portland’s Bakery Building with a brief pocket of time to myself. I admired my desk and the large computer monitor displaying a press release I wrote. I scanned our generous downtown view. I noticed my notepad that was clean with fresh yellow pages on my first day at the office was now disheveled and running out of pages after six months. Just like my notepad, I arrived on my first day as a clean blank page and left brimming with new skills, connections and a love for public relations.

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